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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Dantewada Pincode / Post Office Search (Bijapur, Chhattisgarh)

Aranpur B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Bache R.S. B.O 494553DantewadaChhattisgarh
Bacheli S.O 494553DantewadaChhattisgarh
Badebedma B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Badegudra B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Badelakhapal B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Balpet B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Bangali Camp B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Barsoor B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Belnar B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Bhansi S.O 494551DantewadaChhattisgarh
Bhusaras B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Burgum B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Chhindnar B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Chhotetumnar B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Dabpal B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Dantewada S.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Dugeli B.O 494553DantewadaChhattisgarh
Etepal B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Gadapal B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Gadmiri B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Gamawada B.O 494551DantewadaChhattisgarh
Geedam S.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Ghotpal B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Gondras B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Gumda B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Gumyapal B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Guphadi B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Harrakoder B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Heeranar B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Jabeli B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kamaloor B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kanwalnar B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Karli B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Katekalyan B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kawadgaon B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kirandul Hill Top B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kirandul R.S. B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kirandul S.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kondasawli B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Korgaon B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Korlapal B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Koshalnar B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kuakonda B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kumharras B.O 494551DantewadaChhattisgarh
Kuper B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Mailawada B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Masenar B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Matenar B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Metapal B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Mirtur B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Mokhpal B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Nakulnar S.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Palnar B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Parcheli B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Pedka B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Pharaspal B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Phulpad B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Pinkonda B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Pondoom B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Potali B.O 494556DantewadaChhattisgarh
Ronje B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Sameli B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Shivanandashram B.O 494441DantewadaChhattisgarh
Shyamgiri B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Surnar B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Teknar B.O 494449DantewadaChhattisgarh
Telam B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh
Tikanpal B.O 494552DantewadaChhattisgarh