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Sports in Dantewada

Sports act as a vital cultural and social function in the society which also helps in the overall development of the human personality. The sports field in Dantewada is always at its best to reach a new level of achievement. Sports do play an important role in the lifestyle of the people in Dantewada. The various sports activities and events held in this city provide opportunities for social entertainment and interaction apart from showcasing the talents of the sportsperson at the state as well as national levels. The various sports events organized by the state Government of Chhattisgarh in  Dantewada has brought pride to the residents of the city along with opening the gates for fast and quick development of all sports played here.

Sports in Dantewada

Cricket in Dantewada

Cricket is one of the most popular sports played in India. It is famous in almost every city of every State amongst all groups of people regardless their age, gender, caste or creed. The residents of Dantewada are no exception to this sport. By the number of sport events or activities related to cricket, the love and passion amongst the locals for this sport is clearly evident. There are also a few cricket stadiums and coaching centers set for cricket in and around this city which is used to train and nurture the young sport players. Many players from Dantewada take part in various cricket matches organized in and around the city and some also reach up to the state and national levels in order to make their city proud.

Football in Dantewada

Like cricket, football is another sport which is very popular in the city of Dantewada. The main football stadium in Dantewada hosts several interstate football matches in which the football players in Dantewada take part. During the tournaments this particular stadium is packed with football fans from not only the whole of Dantewada but also fans from the surrounding cities. Apart from this, there are a number of small football grounds in this city where a number of small football tournaments are organized in order to encourage the booming football players in the city. 

Badminton in Dantewada

Badminton is a game which is among the top sports played in India. In this particular game, a shuttlecock is hit back and front with two rackets held by two players in the opposite direction. Badminton is considered as a sport as well as an exercise in India. Hence this is an established sport played in most of the cities in India. Dantewada is no exception. There are many badminton clubs within the city that encourage the badminton players in Dantewada. Over the years, the city has seen an increase in the number of female badminton players. The various badminton championship organized in a small scale within the city, gives a boost to many of the aspiring badminton players in Dantewada.

Others Sports in Dantewada

Apart from cricket, football and badminton, the city of Dantewada also encourages other sport activities like shooting, kho-kho, archery, wrestling, stick fighting etc. Most of these sports are held and organized amongst the people in the tribal areas. There are also many clubs and small private coaching institutes within the city which encourages such sports amongst the residents of the city. Such sport not being very popular in comparison to the dominating sports like cricket, football, etc. the various sports events and commercial activities related to such sports including, stick fighting, shooting, archery, etc. bring the best amongst the residents of the city and also acts as social entertainment amongst the locals. Thus it is clearly visible that the city of Dantewada boosts the players of various sports or games to place their name not only within the state but also in the Global level.

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