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Shopping in Dantewada

Dantewada being one of the most famous tourist destinations in the southern part of Chhattisgarh is also known for its local shopping markets where beautiful handicraft items and other artifacts made by the local artisans can be bought. Though limited yet a fair amount of shopping can also be experienced by the tourists visiting this part of Chhattisgarh. Shopping in Dantewada is quite unique compared to the shopping done in other tourist destinations in India. The items which are most like to catch the eye of any tourist visiting the shopping zones in Dantewada includes different varieties of ornaments, toys, showpieces, etc which are produced with artistic expertise by the locals. Apart from that there are also a variety of textiles and fabrics sold at the bazaars.

Shopping in Dantewada

What to buy in Dantewada ?

On a tour to Dantewada the tourists will definitely be interested in the unique items made and sold by the tribes living here. Some of the popular knick knacks sold here are made out of wood, metal, stone, wrought iron and burnt clay. At the local bazaars one can find many sorts of special gift items and handiwork which are made by the local Bastar tribes themselves. The unique bric-a-bracs sold here are mostly made out of metal, wrought, stone, iron, burnt clay and terracotta. Apart from these there are also various kinds of Jewelleries and ornaments, toys, showpieces, etc available at the various bazaars in Dantewada which reflects the artistic finesses of the tribals living here. There are also varieties of fabrics and textiles available in the bazaars one of which is the kosa sari.

Where to shop in Dantewada ?

Any tourist who visits Dantewada would be excited to see the various shopping zones and the kind of unique items sold there. Jagdalpur is the most easily accessible shopping zone from Dantewada which is just at a distance of 87 km away of the city. This place has two major shopping areas that are the Gole Bazar and the Sanjay Market. Different varieties of items are made and sold at these bazaars which make the tourist go crazy. The Gole Bazar sparkles with lights during the festival of Diwali and thus provides an enchanting sight for the tourists. Apart from this there is another shopping zone one can hop into, at Kumharapara – Jagdalpur for a different kind of shopping activity. In such shopping zones, the tourists can buy a number of unique shopping items at affordable rates. Since most of the items sold in these places are homemade items, the prices offered are very low as compared to those of any other market.

Over the past years, shopping has become one of the most exciting parts of any kind of tour. The things shopped in such places can also be kept as mementos. On a tour to Dantewada one will certainly enjoy shopping for variety of local items available at the famous markets of the region.

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