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Lifestyle in Dantewada

From being amongst an unknown cluster of villages, Dantewada has transformed itself into a bustling and booming city which has its own place in a state like Chhattisgarh. This particular city which is on the verge of development draws huge crowds from all over the country in the form of tourists. In spite of the diversity and multiculturalism, Dantewada has managed to keep for itself a distinctive identity with its rich traditional culture. Thus along with a number of religious destinations found in this city, one can also find a number of entertainment centers located in different parts of the city. This kind of culture is reflected in the lifestyle of the people living in Dantewada.

Traditional Lifestyle in Dantewada

Traditional Lifestyle in Dantewada

The tradition and life style of the tribal community in Dantewada is unique. They make particular use of the natural resources for any kind of work. The tribes here collect different resources from the forest but without causing any kind of damage to the environment. They obtain their food and livelihood security from the forests. Since by and large these people depend on nature for their survival there has always been an organic unity between the residents of this region and their surrounding environments in the traditional societies. As a result, there is an intimate relationship between the culture of the tribes and the nature. The tribal people living in this region welcome the outsiders or tourists with open arms. The people here are hardworking and creative. Their expertise is seen in the exquisite traditional handicrafts made by them. The tribes are fond of colours and vibrancy and this is reflected in their lifestyle. The residents of this region love celebrating festivals with plenty of food, folk music, drinks and folk dance.

Influence of Western Dantewada

Even though the city of Dantewada has not exactly adopted the modern lifestyle and trends, there is incredible amount of change in the present generation of the tribes. The tribes living here still retain their ancient culture and roots while gradually changing from mere tribal customs and traditions to something more modernized. This may eventually lead to modern ways of living among the tribes and some changes in the traditional lifestyle pattern of the tribes.

Festivities and Nightlife in Dantewada

Tribal festivals and nightlife in Dantewada constitutes an integral part of their social life and community togetherness. The traditions of the tribes in Dantewada can best be captured at the various fairs and festivals celebrated here. Most of the festivals celebrated here marks the change in the seasons relating to the harvest of crops whereas some festivals are religious events related to a local deity. Apart from these festivities the tribes living in this region have their own unique nightlife. Various food joints open at night in this region offer delicious cuisines of the tribal people. The tribes also enjoy their own folk music and dance during the festivities and other occasion which are celebrated overnight. Thus Dantewada along with its traditional lifestyle and vibrant culture does not disappoint any tourist or outsider who visits here.

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