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Cuisines of Dantewada

Dantewada situated in the southern part of Chhattisgarh is one of the most famous tourist and religious destination in the state. The traditional cuisine of Dantewada mostly contains dishes made of rich and a variety of leaves. Even though there is visible modernization during the recent years in the city the typical food of the tribes is not affected by this change.

Traditional Food of Dantewada

The basic diet of the tribes in Dantewada includes maize, jowar and wheat. Since this particular city is blessed with abundant crops such as rice and oilseeds the tribes or locals residing here are never short of their staple food. Most of the traditional cuisines are prepared using rice as main ingredient. Green leafy vegetable like lal bhaji, kohda, chech bhaji and bohar bhaji also form part of staple diet. Variety of fruits found in the nearby forest areas further adds to the palette of the region. The two most popular food items prepared by the tribes during most of the festivals in Dantewada is Rakhia badi and petha.

Food of Dantewada

Along with the enriched food of proteins, minerals, iroan and vitamins, the food in Dantewada serves a sumptuous and wholesome recipe of mouth watering delicacies. The recipies here present a variety of appetizing dishes. Most of the traditional food items of in this tribal region are made by the core tribal groups during their folk festivals including sweet delicacies like jalebis. The food of this region is easy to digest and light on stomach as well. Among the various traditional food prepared by the tribes in Dantewada, Petha and rakhia badi are the most popular delicacies.

Snacks of Dantewada

Snacks also part an important part of the cuisine in Dantewada. Due to the vegetations found in the forest area of this region, most of the snacks are prepared with mushroom, flowers, and other vegetation. The tribes living here are very much fond of the mahua tree and make good use of the tree in the preparation of various delicacies. Delicious snacks are also made from frying the flowers of this tree. These yummy snacks are prepared by the tribes in their respective homes and one can also find some of these snacks being sold at the streets.

Sweets of Dantewada

Sweets and Snacks of DantewadaThe sweet delicacies prepared by the tribes in Dantewada are truly mouth watering. Jalebi is one of the most popular lip-smacking sweet dishes of Dantewada which is prepared in almost every household in this city. Since the people living in this region love to have something sweet and savory at the end of their meals, jalebi has become the most integral part of the menu of the food in the city. During the festivals Jalebi and varies types of Barfis are prepared in plenty.

One of the most popular barfis prepared by the locals is the Tikhur Barfi. These delicacies are not only delicious but also have nutritional value. Grated coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, groundnuts, etc are mixed, and are shaped like barfi. The bafauri is also another sweet delicacy which is made of chana dal and is a particular favorite among the people living here. The Minjhra Bedi another famous delicacy here is prepared of Urd Dal, Kumhda, Lauki, Papita and Rakhia. Apart from these other mouthwatering dishes prepared by the locals of this region includes Kusli, Cashew Barfi, Lavang Lata, Khurma, Lentil Pudding, Shikanji and Sabudana ki Khichadi.

Restaurants in Dantewada

There are quite a few food joints in the city that serve the best of the cuisine menus to both the residents of the city as well as the tourists who visit this place. From local dishes to national cuisines the food joints in this city offer a wide variety of appetizing and delicious food. Even the quality of dining is quite good and meets the demand of the tourists. One can also find non-vegetarian food items along with the various vegetarian food items in some of these restaurants and food joints. Some of the best finger licking cuisines in Dantewada is available in these food centers. The aroma and heavenly taste of the various food items available in the various food joints and restaurants in the city of Dantewada also adds up to the number of tourists visiting this place. This city which has an age-old tradition of delicious food items, the recipes here give a real treat to the taste buds of the local and tourists visiting this part of Chhattisgarh.

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